Petroleum UST Sites: Assessment and remediation of petroleum contaminated sites utilizing various approaches and technologies.  These projects included investigation, characterization, risk assessment, alternate water supply services (AWS), spill response, transport modeling, development of the corrective action plans, system design specifications, selecting vendors, securing permits, construction, waste disposal, start-up services, and operation and maintenance.  Regulatory and client approvals were maintained and petroleum hydrocarbons have been effectively removed from the subsurface leading to site closure.

Design and Installation Remediation Systems:  Performed successful feasibility testing, design and installation of Air Sparging, Vapor Extraction, Multi-phase Extraction, Internal Combustion Engines, Bio-filters, Pump and Treat, Skimmers, Bio-Venting, and Emission Control systems at numerous sites for the treatment of petroleum hydrocarbon and solvent contaminated aquifers and vadose zone soils.

Monitoring Programs:  Implementation of quarterly groundwater monitoring program, field analysis and sampling, product recovery, site surveys, traffic control plans, equipment monitoring and repair, waste management, O&M activities and reporting for numerous sites.

Mobile SVE/MPE System Remediation: Operated and maintained mobile multi-phase extraction and soil vapor extraction systems at numerous sites.  The systems consist of adjustable interface drop tubes, liquid ring pumps, air-powered venturi vacuum pumps, knockout tanks, oil-water separators, air strippers, blowers, transfer pumps and carbon treatment polishing for liquid handling.  Collected sample data, determined well radius of influence and provided waste management services.  Interpreted system performance and made adjustments for site specific conditions.

Dry Cleaning Remediation: Provided engineering design services for the remediation of PCE, TCE, and daughter products such as vinyl chloride.  Prepared full documentation and engineering for extraction system, recovery wells, surface cap and fencing, drainage plan, HDPE containment wall, and overflow treatment gate.  Provided system permitting and installation/start-up services.

Spill Plan Preparation and Certification at Industrial Facilities:  Performed site inspections to review petroleum-handling practices.  Prepared environmental management plans, site spill plans, evaluated site secondary containment systems, updated existing SPCC plans to ensure compliance for numerous sites.  Responded to EPA notice of violations (NOV) and engineered solutions.  Recommended operational enhancements, developed operation and maintenance, emergency response, and training programs.  Incorporated Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (VDEQ) Oil Discharge Contingency Plan (ODCP) requirements as needed

Tank Farm Terminal Operation Services: Engineering services for all aspects terminal process and control while handling Gasoline, Diesel, Jet A, Avgas, bunker, ethanol, asphalt, propriety fuel blends, lube oils, MTBE, Transmix, oily-water, agricultural products, process air and water.  Provided engineering services for tanks in the 1,000 gal. to 80,000 bbls. range.  Projects included secondary containment, pump and piping design, overfill protection, venting, fire protection systems, emission control, foundations, inspections, floating roofs, demolition, relocation and permitting.  Applied API, NFPA, NEC and ANSI codes to design.


Credentials / Professional Affiliations
  • Professional Engineer, P.E.
  • Class A Contractor
  • OSHA HAZWOPER 40-hr/8hr
  • AHERA Certified Building Inspector
  • The Association for Environmental Health and Sciences
  • National Council of Examiners for Engineering & Surveying
  • American Society of Mechanical Engineers
  • National Ground Water Associtaion



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